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Bid Number: 2017-003
Bid Title: Salary Classification & Compensation Study
Category: Request for Proposals
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: Open RFP

AACOG is a voluntary association of municipal and county governments and special districts located in Bexar County and the surrounding twelve counties. Defined as a political subdivision of the State of Texas, the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) was established in 1967 under Chapter 391 of the Local Government Code as a voluntary association of local governments and organizations that serves its members through planning, information, and coordination activities. AACOG employs approximately 269 fulltime, 11 part time and 26 temporary employees. AACOG serves the Alamo Area/State Planning Region 18, which covers 13 counties and 12,582 square miles. Comprising the area planning region are Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, McMullen, and Wilson counties.

AACOG is interested in updating its classification and compensation system to ensure it will be able to attract and retain high caliber employees and remain competitive in the area. At this time, AACOG is seeking qualified contractors to provide a classification and compensation study. The outcome of the study will result in a new classification and compensation plan, policies and procedures, audit capability for future classification actions and related management/supervisory training, and to ensure our compensation reflects trends in our geographic market and industry, while being cognizant of limited resources in order to compete with similar agencies and private providers to attract and retain qualified candidates.

A. Purpose and Services Solicited:
1. Categorize job grades within AACOG’s positions and range structure.
2. Analyze current pay ranges for job grades of similar/competitive employers (non-profits, professional service providers, state government).
3. Make recommendations for market midpoint rates for our job grades/positions.
4. Perform analysis and evaluation of incumbent data and make recommendations for internal equity adjustments.
5. Provide a recommendation to revise AACOG’s current rewards strategy (performance incentives, merit increases, bonus, etc.)
6. Prepare and present an analysis outlining the fiscal impact of recommendations.
7. Develop a process/tool that enables AACOG to conduct annual reviews of market data and recommend necessary revisions to pay band ranges, job grades midpoints, merit increases, and rewards strategies.
8. Present and explain the contents of the final report to various groups including the Executive Director, Human Resource Manager; Senior Staff and management.

B. AACOG shall provide selected contractor with:
1. Existing job descriptions
2. Wage and salary schedules
3. Employee benefit schedules
4. AACOG Personnel and Policy Manual
5. AACOG Organizational Chart
6. HR staff, to discuss procedures, policies and act as liaison with the contractor.

C. Eligible Contractor:
1. An Eligible Contractor must have:
a. Prior experience working with state or state affiliated agencies.
b. Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws government salary limitations
c. Work references that indicate contractor and staff capabilities
d. Knowledge and demonstrated expertise in the services solicited.
2. Additional eligibility factors:
a. It is the policy of AACOG to encourage participation by small and historically underutilized businesses (HUBs), as defined in Government Code, Chapter 2161, as contractors to AACOG. It is the goal of AACOG to include HUBs in at least ten percent (10%) of the total value of contracts awarded annually.
b. AACOG is prohibited from contracting with any entity debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation. Accordingly, a contract requires Contractors to certify that they are in compliance with the Federal regulations implementing Executive Order 12549, Debarment and Suspension, 29 CFR Part 98, Section 98-510, Participant’s Responsibilities. The Contractor must certify that to the best of its knowledge and belief that neither it nor its principals are presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from participation in this transaction by a Federal department or agency.
c. Respondents must possess the knowledge, experience and expertise, professional judgment and capacity within their organization to perform the services and activities requested under this request, and meet high standards for public service and fiduciary responsibility.

Contract Goals & Objectives:
The central objectives to be fulfilled through this contract are as follows:
1. A detailed work plan detailing required deliverables and timeline for strategic planning process will be developed and due within the first 30 days of engagement. Contractor must outline initial deliverable milestones.
2. All deliverables must include supporting data and documentation of decisions.
3. The successful contractor will perform services in accordance with the provisions, specifications, and instructions set forth in the Request for Proposal

Statement of Work:
The contractor shall provide services as indicated below:
1. Phase I:
a. Benchmark and conduct market analysis for AACOG’s job grades, including senior-level management and administrative positions.
b. Identify the benchmark jobs from each grade/classification/level to survey.
c. Compare market midpoint of benchmarked jobs to similar organizations (based on employee size, budget, region, industry).
d. Compare total compensation rates inclusive of benefits.
e. Work with HR team to slot un-benchmarked positions and determine market midpoints and total compensation rates.
f. Conduct internal equity audit analysis.
g. Perform analysis and evaluation on incumbent data (experience, education, credentials, etc.).
h. Make recommendations for internal equity adjustments to ensure employees are getting comparable pay for knowledge, skillset, abilities.
i. Assess total compensation based on both internal and external comparability and develop compensation policy and processes that provides a fair, competitive, transparent, sustainable and fiscally responsible program.
j. Benchmark the current rewards program (performance incentives, merit increases, bonus, etc.) and make recommendations for revisions.
k. Prepare and present an analysis outlining the fiscal impact of recommendations.
l. Develop communication tools to keep senior leaders and employees apprised throughout the process.

2. Phase II:
a. Develop a process/tools that enables AACOG to conduct annual reviews of market data and recommend necessary revisions to pay band ranges, job grades midpoints, merit increases, and rewards strategies.
b. Present and explain the contents of the final report to various groups including the Executive Director, Human Resource Manager; Senior Staff.
c. Provide compensation support to HR team for various projects that may arise during the term of the contract.

Project Budget:
1. Task order(s) will be issued on a Fixed Price Basis on proposed pricing
2. AACOG has established a budget of $40,000 for the tasks identified in the request

Procurement Authority:
1. Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 391
2. Texas Government Code, Chapter 2161
3. Texas Uniform Grant Management Standards (UGMS)

Procurement Method
Any purchase under this request is government by the Small Purchase (Informal) Method.

Response date and submission requirements
1. DUE DATE: Reponses to this request must be received via email by AACOG no later than (May 10th, 2017) by close of business. Official receipt of submission will be the time posted to the email received by AACOG.
2. NUMBER OF COPIES: A single email containing all required information outlined in this document will be considered acceptable.
3. RESPONSE FORMAT: Responses must contain all requirements outlined in Section VIII to be considered responsive.
4. VALIDITY PERIOD: Responses will remain valid for AACOG’s acceptance for a minimum of sixty (60) days after the submittal deadline, to allow for evaluation and selection.

Narrative & Evaluation Factors:

Please respond to the following questions that will comprise your response narrative

A. Organizational Capacity 25 points
1. Business Organization: State full name and address of your organization and identify parent company if you are a subsidiary. Specify the branch office or other subordinate element which will perform, or assist in performing, work herein. Indicate whether you operate as a partnership, corporation, or individual. Include the State in which incorporated or licensed to operate.
2. Personnel: Include names and qualifications of all professional personnel who will be assigned to this project. State the primary work task assigned to each person and the percentage of time each person will devote to this work. Identify key persons by name and title. Provide all resumes.

B. Demonstrated Performance 20 points
1. Prior Experience: Describe only relevant corporate experience and individual experience for personnel who will be actively engaged in the project. Provide at least three references. Do not include corporate experience unless personnel assigned to this project actively participated. Do not include experience prior to 2011. Supply the project title, year, and reference name, title, present address, and phone number of principal person for whom prior projects were accomplished

C. Work Plan / Approach 40 points
Respondent will detail all work to be performed and corresponding timeline noted in:
1. Phase I
2. Phase II

D. Budget / Cost 15 points
AACOG will provide payment for timely and acceptable completion of work:
1. Respondent must identify the fixed price associated with each task order
2. Respondent must outline task orders that will be submitted in accordance with delivery milestones established
3. Task Orders will be processed for a payment within 30-days of acceptance of work performed

Responses that do not meet the following minimum standards will be considered non¬responsive.
1. The response must be received by (May 10th, 2017) by close of business
2. The respondent must be an eligible entity, as described in the “Eligible Entities” section.
3. Responses must meet the requirements as delineated in the “Narrative” section.

The services solicited are procured under the Small purchase (simplified acquisition method). All respondents will be notified of the status of their submission. The notification will include a brief explanation if the award was based on factors other than price alone.

Inquiries regarding this request should be directed to Gregory H Galloway II, .

Complete and submit all response forms via email to: . In order to be considered responsive for award, the response MUST BE RECEIVED VIA EMAIL no later than CLOSE OF BUSINESS, (May 10th 2017). 
Publication Date/Time:
4/19/2017 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
5/10/2017 4:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Gregory H Galloway II,
Pre-bid Meeting:
Upon Acceptance
Contact Person:
Gregory H Galloway II
Alamo Area Council of Governments
Contracts & Procurement Manager
(210) 362-5228
US Army Veteran
Business Hours:
8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Fax Number:
See Description
Special Requirements:
See Description
***Questions & Responses***


1. Number of Unique Jobs. You have mentioned the number of full-time, part-time, and temporary employees in the RFP. Can you provide the number of unique jobs at AACOG? Also, the RFP mentions benchmark jobs; do you already have a benchmark set or are you looking for a recommendation from us based on the number of unique jobs?
2. Number of Distinct Locations. The planning region that you support is large. Are all your employees based in San Antonio or are they distributed throughout the region? If they are distributed throughout the region can you provide the city of each distinct location?
3. Salary Surveys. Do you participate or purchase any specific salary surveys? If yes, can you provide a list of salary surveys that would be made available to supplement our library?
4. Timing. Are there completion date goals for Phase I and Phase II?

5. The title references Salary Classification and Compensation Study but the scope of work seems to focus on the market study and salary structure. We are not seeing any requirement for reviewing the job classification structure or the allocation of positions within the class structure. Can you please confirm that we are reading the RFP correctly?


1. AACOG currently has 127 different positions.
2. AACOG currently has 26 pay grades.
3. AACOG’s Distinct Location is set as (San Antonio).
4. Phase I & II Completion due date should not exceed August 1, 2017.
5. AACOG does not do salary surveys, because as a State Agency we follow Texas State salary structure guidelines.

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