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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Guidebook 

Bandera County Broadband Infrastructure Project

Duval County Road Improvements Project for County Road 401

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TxCDBG Project Priorities Public Meeting Recording

TxCDBG Project Priorities PowerPoint Presentation

TXCDBG Public Meeting Q & A

Q: Can funds be used for Engineering costs?

A: Engineering is an allowable cost within an eligible TxCDBG project.

Q: When can entities start to apply for the TxCDBG Grant?

A: May of 2023 is when you can apply.

Q: For non-entitlement communities that are eligible-would they  still qualify even though the standard 51% of the community surrounding any proposed projects needs to be low-moderate income?

A: No, even if the community is on the list of non-entitlement, they would not be eligible if the median income is more than 80%.

HUD Section 3

Program Areas

AACOG Regional Services serves the members and citizens of the AACOG region to create a better economy, strong viable communities, and informed and trained public officials. We provide technical assistance and advocacy in the following program areas.

Economic & Community Development

The department provides economic and community development services to help create jobs and build a stronger economy.

Leadership Development

The department provides workshops to public officials in the areas of duties, responsibilities, planning and zoning, economic development, and growth management.

Regional Services Coordination
The department provides a point of contact to city and county staff and local elected officials on AACOG programs and resources.

Resource Recovery

The resource recovery program reviews applications for solid waste facility permits and solid waste grants.