Origin of History - Congress

Alamo Local Authority for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

 "History of IDD Services in Bexar County"...
Formerly known as MHMR and/or Bexar MRA

...In House Bill 2292, 78th Texas Legislative Session, there is also a heightened expectation that public input is solicited, analyzed and utilized to shape the nature and scope of services. The collective input of this community, including that of the Planning Advisory Committees, the Network Advisory Committee, and the Medical Advisory Committee is considered an excellent example within the State of forward thinking in establishing the use of public input as a policy weathervane. This public input has also guided the direction of this report.

In 2005, as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 1145, Senate Bill 1182, and House Bill 2292, discussions began with AACOG to assume the MRA role in Bexar County.

The ALA is one of 39 LA's located throughout Texas. The ALA is located in San Antonio, Texas, and serves residents of Bexar County. San Antonio is the largest city within Bexar County and also the third largest city in Texas. According to current estimated census figures, the population of Bexar County is approximately 1.7 million.