Reducing Ozone

A large proportion of the ground-level ozone generated in the San Antonio area comes from the exhaust and fumes from vehicles. If we reduce the amount of exhaust and fumes from vehicles, we can reduce the amount of the harmful ozone we have in the air. There are a number of ways we can do this:

Drive less
  • Combine errands into as few trips as possible
  • Consider carpooling (you may find a carpool partner at Alamo Commutes)
  • Use public transportation (check VIA for San Antonio or ART for greater regional areas)
  • Walk or take a bike

Conserve fuel
  • Avoid aggressive driving: start and stop gradually
  • Drive the posted speed limit or less
  • Avoid drive-thru lanes: go inside instead
  • Shut off the engine while waiting outside of schools, businesses, and so on
  • Keep excess weight out of your vehicle
  • Don’t continue to fill your gas tank after the pump has automatically shut off
  • Seal the gas cap tightly: Turn the cap until it clicks three times

Avoid traffic delays
  • Anticipate construction and other congested areas and take alternative routes
  • Leave earlier or later than rush hours to avoid traffic

Also. . . .
  • Keep car engines maintained
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Consider buying a “cleaner” or more fuel-efficient vehicle

For more information, contact Lyle Hufstetler at (210) 362-5225 or e-mail.