ART Group Trips, Shuttles and Charters

Group Trips

ART offers a Group Trip Service to be used for the public and during our normal hours of operation. Our service days and hours are below.
Service Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm

The fee for this service is based upon the number of passengers and origination/destination of the trip.
Per Passenger Rates:
$2.00 In Town
$6.00 In County
$8.00 1 County Over
$12.00 2 Counties Over

Vehicles are available from 8 passenger to up to 32 passengers. Multiple vehicles and drivers can be booked.

The Group Trip Service can be used for, but not limited to, the following:
Senior Outings
Child Daycare Outings
Event Trips
Shopping Trips to San Antonio

Veteran Bus

Call 1-866-889-7433, option 2 to Schedule Today!

To request online, please click the link below.
Group / Charter Form

*Discounts my be available for agencies, county, city, and local governments
*Fare Assistance programs are also available for those that qualify

Charter/Shuttle Service

ART's Charter Service is available for the exclusive use of our vehicles, during and/or outside of our normal operating hours and/or days. This service is different than the Group Trips Service in that this will secure the service only for the selected group and/or more daily/hourly availability.

The fee for this service is hourly, adding an additional 30 mins before the time the driver arrives at the pick-up location for prepping of the vehicle and 30 mins after the time the driver has completed the service for cleaning of the vehicle.

Hourly Rate: $100.00

The Charter/Shuttle Service can be used for, but not limited to:
Parking Lot Shuttles
Event Site Shuttles
Group Trips Outside of our Region
Weekend Group Trips
Weekend Events