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Report Fraud

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Report Fraud

Reporting Fraud

The Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) is committed to ensuring the integrity of the services and programs we operate. As a political subdivision of the State of Texas and as public servants, our employees are charged with the responsibility of carrying out their duties in a fair and legal manner avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest or misuse of funds. At AACOG, integrity is indispensable to our mission. AACOG has established an anti-fraud policy to aid in the prevention and detection of fraud, theft, waste, or abuse against the agency. The employees and vendors of AACOG have worked diligently to build our reputation for integrity and high standards of services, business, and professional conduct.

It is through this emphasis on integrity that AACOG is pleased to participate in the Inspector General Integrity Initiative (IGII). The Inspector General (IG) has the responsibility to identify and investigate cases of suspected waste, abuse, and fraud in Medicaid and other health and human services programs. The IGII will strengthen efforts to root out fraud, waste, and abuse in Texas Medicaid by building a community policing framework structured on a statewide integrity network.

To report suspected waste, fraud, or abuse in AACOG programs please contact:

  • AACOG Chief Financial Officer, Julio Elizondo at 210-362-5294 or via email.
  • AACOG Internal Auditor, Jaye Wells at 210-683-5853 or via email.

To report suspected waste, fraud, or abuse in Texas Medicaid please contact:

• The Texas Health and Human Services Inspector General: Report Fraud or Abuse

To report suspected waste, fraud, or abuse in Texas Government please contact:

• The Texas Attorney General here.

To report suspected waste, fraud, or abuse in other areas:

• Please refer to the Department of Justice, Fraud section for the appropriate investigative agency here.

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