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Support & Empowerment Program

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Support & Empowerment Program

Support & Empowerment program

After attending our short three class program, participants will be given an opportunity for health and wellness staff to stay with participants for up to a full year.  Meaning, persons with IDD and caregivers can use staff as their case manager to link them with community resources and assist them in planning for the future.  With the abundance of local community resources, navigating through it all can be difficult.  In addition, many community agencies struggle in serving persons with IDD.  That is why we are here to assist you and those within our program to improve their quality of life.

Currently, classes are being held virtually.  However, our health and wellness staff will tailor the program schedule to meet your availability.  Don’t have a laptop or tablet?  Do not worry, we have you covered, we will LEND you a tablet that can connect you to your home's Wi-Fi, so you can participate in the program. 

If you are interested in attending or need more information call:

Leonardo Jimenez Romero

Health & Wellness Specialist

(210) 391-0935

IDD Resource Guide
Resource Guide Link

Health Passport Project

Since we began our journey in discovering how to better support aging persons with IDD and their caregivers, we have developed a Health Passport.  Many of you through this program in the past years have voiced that self-identity plays a huge role in your life and COVID has shed light upon an area we would have not realized otherwise.  This Health Passport is available for you to download and share all the information you feel comfortable sharing.  When printing this out at home, please keep in mind that it will print small enough to fit in your back pocket for easy carrying. 

-Click here to download Health Passport.
-Spanish version of Health Passport.

The intention of this Health Passport is to help anyone who may need services and supports that a new school staff member may need to know, a new direct service professional, a new physician in a person’s life, a new caregiver (paid/unpaid), help a person who does not communicate with words communicate their supports and services, or anywhere else that a person may need it to show how to best support them along with other medical information to help them in their day to day activities.   Click on the link below to download your Health Passport or come to our local office to get your copy. Please also complete the brief survey when clicking on the link below so we can see who is using the Health Passport.  Contributing to this will help us advocate to develop this on a larger scale. 

This Health Passport has been supported by the San Antonio League of Self Advocates (SALSA), the National Task Group (NTG) for Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices, and American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD).  Click below to read their supporting letters.

                                                            -SALSA Supporting Letter

                                                            -NTG Supporting Letter

                                                            -AADMD Supporting Letter

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