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Weatherization Assistance

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Weatherization Assistance

The Weatherization Assistance program is designed to help low-income individuals overcome the high cost of energy through the installation of energy conservation measures. Although the program does not address major home repairs, it can help lower the amount of energy used in a home by enhancing the structure's thermal boundary, ultimately helping a home stay warm in the colder months and cold in the warmer months.

Qualification for weatherization assistance is a three-step process.

  1. The applicant's total household income must meet federal income eligibility requirements.
  2. The person completing the application must be a U.S. Citizen or show proof of eligible Resident Alien Status to receive federal benefits.
  3. The home must be structurally sound (no major roof repairs, plumbing leaks, foundation problems, faulty electrical wiring, or similar structural issues).

Other Resources

If you are not eligible for the WAP program, you still may be eligible for other resources. View weatherization assistance resources for details.

Weatherization Assistance Program
Weatherization Assistance Program
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